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Pi-R Squares - Come dance with us!

Learn to Square Dance

Square Dancing is Friendship Set to Music!!

It's easy!! You'll be dancing the first night!
Dance to all types of music
No experience is needed to start dance classes!
Special clothing is NOT required!
Come alone or with a partner!

The first three lessons are free!
Refreshments will be served
Lots of fun and great exercise, too!!

Dance Class Schedule

Modern square dancing isn't the old time barn dances you see in movies, or the dancing you remember from school. Modern square dancing is fun and lively. Square dancing is the American folk dance, and it is done all around the world ... and it's always called in English.

How do you learn? Join a class of other new dancers led by a Caller and assisted by "square dance angels". Angels are experienced dancers who attend class with you to assist in the learning process. You'll begin by learning some of the basic calls used to form dances. After a few walk throughs you'll begin to do the 'calls' to music so you can begin to dance the first night. Composers arrange the notes of the musical scale to form thousands of songs, and the caller arranges the basic calls to form many dances. It's fun!!

Square Dancing is unique because you don't know what the next call/move will be! This makes square dancing different from other forms of dancing, and much more fun. You'll find yourself surrounded by friendly faces and helping hands guiding you through one square dance move at a time.

We look forward to welcoming you to dancing!!

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