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The Pi-R-Squares Dance Club welcomes you to

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Join us for western square dancing, round dancing and/or lessons.
Lessons start in ... Fall 2017
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It's fun!!
Square dancing brings people together for fun and fellowship. It's a party
every time you do dance, and the fun starts from the very first night. This
isn't the square dancing that you may remember from school .... this is
square dancing. The music is new, from the current hits to golden
oldies. There are new dance steps, and fun new patterns. And ... you can
find square dance clubs in most countries of the world (including Germany, Japan, and Australia) because square dancing is 'called' in English all
around the world. Dancing can open new opportunites for fun and friendship.

It's healthy!!
Square dancing is a fun way to get good aerobic exercise, and it burns
calories. During an hour of dancing you can burn 400 - 800 calories. Studies show that square dancing is the perfect exercise. It combines all the positive aspects of intense physical exercise with none of the negative elements.
a low impact activity requiring constant movement and quick directional
changes that keep the body in shape. As with all regular exercise, square dancing can lead to a slower heart rate, lower blood pressure and and
improved cholesterol profile.
Listening and reacting to the caller's calls
keeps you mentally on your toes. Concentrating on the upcoming moves
lets you escape from pressures and worries.

Square Dancing is Friendship set to Music.
Square dancers can form lifetime friendships. We love doing something
that's fun, healthy and satisfying, and we can live longer doing it.

The square dance became the official Washington state dance on April 17, 1979. To learn more, visit the rest of our web site.

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