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Andy & Tricia Garboden

Andy & Tricia Garboden

Andy Garboden was the instructor for our clubs 2007/08 lessons, as well as calling six of our dances that season. PI-R Squares has hired Andy to be our
club caller and teach our clubs lessons beginning with the 2008/09
dance season.

Andy took square dance lessons in the 2005/06 season, and sang his
first 'call' in April 2006. Although Andy has only been calling for a short time
he is extremely committed to developing his calling skills by attending
Callers College, taking voice lessons and nightly study time at home. Andy continues to work with and learn as much as he can from the likes of
Wayne Easton, Eddie Harry, Jack Hardin and Kevin Thomaier.

Andy has assisted Wayne Easton with Wagon Wheels Square Dance Club lessons during the past two seasons and is their Associate Caller.

Andy is married to Tricia and they dance with their daughter, Tiffany.
Their other children are: Billy lives in Wyoming and is a member of the
Wyoming Army National Guard, and is an apprentice electrician; and
Tracey who is attending Eastern Washington University where
she is working to get her degree in Dental Hygiene.

Andy's mother, Margy Thomas, danced for a number of years in the Renton
area but never had the opportunity to dance to Andy's calling as he began his calling hobby several years after she lost her battle with cancer. Andy has dedicated this newfound hobby to her and is committed to making her
proud of his calling and singing abilities.

Andy has guest called for South Sound Singles, Sunday Solos and even
called a dance in Hawaii while on vacation. If you are interested in having
Andy as a guest caller, you can contact him at sdcallerandy@q.com
or by phone at 206-349-3426.
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Andy Garboden - Pi-R Caller

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