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History of the Pi-R Squares Dance Club

The PI-R Squares Dance Club was founded in the Spring of 1950 after a series
of ten lessons were conducted by Caller Joe Rantz at the Empire Way Community Hall. The idea of square dance lessons had been a Skyway Community Club effort by Morris & Jean Woodward and friends. The name PI-R Squares was derived by Morris from the formula for the area (A) of a circle which is A=
, or when the
A= is left off it is just PI-R Squares. These were engineers not bakers, as everyone knows that pie are round not square. A membership application for the Central Puget Sound Council was submitted March 10, 1950. During 1950 to 1951 lessons were held on the 2nd Thursday and dances on the 3rd Saturday at Holly Park Community Center with Joe Rantz and club members doing the calling. The club members, with Joe's encouragement, organized independent calling lessons and the calls were then used in the club dance program. On March 10, 1951 the club held their first anniversary dance. Along with the selection of new officers for the 1951-1952 dance year, the club decided to go with club callers only, with no paid instructor. Burt Glazier, one of the club callers, was asked to MC and teach round dances. Many members and officers resigned or moved away that year. The outgoing officers recommended a return to a paid instructor caller.

At the beginning of the 1952-1953 dance year, continuing through 1958-1959,
Burt and Marj Glazier became the teachers/callers for the PI-R Squares. Bert and Marj added two annual summer traditions, a Cowboy Breakfast and a Campout. These two events have kept the members thinking about dancing, encouraging family participation and demonstrating how much fun square dancing can be and brought new people to our classes. The club moved to Rainier Vista Club House and Riverton Masonic Temple before finding a long time home at Hagen's Barn in 1964. After Arnie Hagen's death, his wife, Doris Hagen, rented the barn for a while, but sold it and it became The Rocking Horse Dance Barn. The cost of renting the barn got too expensive, and the PI-R Squares were forced to move in 1999 to the Meridian Grange in Kent. It was a change for the good ... we LOVE the Meridian Grange.

The Club will be celebrating their 64th Anniversary on March 22, 2014. One memorable past anniversary theme was a Country Store where the committee brought in real haystacks, animals and livestock. There was a real country store featuring a pickle and cracker barrel. The Club also had a 747 airplane and spinning engines and a working train with cars. The biggest anniversary dance had 39 squares in attendance and featured live music. The theme was "Swing & Sway the South Sea Island Way". At one dance there was a real mermaid with fins, lounging by a pool. There has been a Medieval theme, a Shipboard Gala, and a Fiesta theme. At the Japanese theme dance, "Sayonara to Winter", there was an authentic rickshaw with a Japanese pool in a tea garden. For the 50th anniversary we had a "Back to the 50's Dance".

Many members have been together for a long period of time, and caravan and attend after parties regularly. They have become close friends with each other. We invite all of you to join, and we want you to feel welcome, and to participate in all activities. Experience has shown that if you actively participate in club dances and activities for at least one year, you will discover how comfortable and heart
warming the PI-R family will seem to you.

When you join the PI-Squares, you become a part of history in the making!!

Some of the awards that have been given to past or present PI-R Squares:

Harry MacGregor Award ~ Don & Shirley Blanchard 1979,
Jim & Mary Knight 1996

President's Award ~ Don & Shirley Blanchard 1986

State Federation President ~ Don & Shirley Blanchard 1975-1976

Parker Award ~ Orin & Kathy Holt

Jack Willison Award ~ Lester & Julie Marberg ~ 1999
(Jack Willison was a caller and cuer for the PI-R Squares
for 10 years, and a member until his death)
Larry & Teresa Snider ~ 2013
Larry & Teresa Snider ~ 2013


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